How Much Do Surrogates Make?

How much do surrogates get paid?

At our practice the surrogate base pay varies from $45,000 to $85,000. But that is a beginning. You can also expect additional payments monthly as well as having your expenses reimbursed that are incurred during the surrogate journey. In addition, all your health insurance costs are typically covered

A typical surrogate  depending on the contract she signs with the Intended Parents can get paid substantial additional amounts Based on the following:

  •  Whether she is a repeat surrogate
  •  The ability and the willingness of the Intended Parents to use you as a surrogate om
  •  The state in which she lives.

Which USA States are best for Surrogacy?

Some USA States are better for surrogacy than others. The best states for surrogacy for a surrogate are:

  •  California
  •  Colorado
  •  Connecticut
  •  District of Columbia
  •  Delaware
  •  Maine
  •  New Hampshire
  •  New Jersey
  •  Nevada
  •  Vermont
  •  Washington

We recommend surrogacy be done in the above listed Green States, with California being one of our favorites due to fact that surrogacy is permitted for all parents including LGBTQ, both parents’ names will be on the birth certificate, and we can get pre-birth orders in these states easily.

Even if you live in a different state then the above, you can legally be a surrogate mom in these states by working with an IVF Clinic we can recommend for the Intended Parents to use, in these states.

The worst states for surrogacy are:

  •  Louisiana
  •  Michigan
  •  Nebraska

We also have issues with parentage order laws and surrogacy contracts in:

  •  Arizona
  •  Idaho
  •  Indiana
  •  Tennessee
  •  Virginia
  •  Wyoming

In many of these states the problem for a surrogate and Intended Parents is that published case law in these states may prohibit compensation for the surrogate under surrogacy contracts. In addition, it is possible that a birth certificate with both parents’ names on the birth certificate is impossible to obtain.

How do I become a surrogate in your agency?

First read our sample recruitment ad below. Then call us at 1-212-661-7177. We look forward to hearing from you!

How can someone apply to become a surrogate with Surrogacy4All?

To apply as a surrogate with Surrogacy4All, visit our website and click to the “Become a Surrogate” section. Complete the online application form, providing accurate personal details. Our team will review your application and contact you for further steps if you meet the initial criteria. Please ensure you meet the eligibility requirements outlined on our website before applying. We appreciate your interest in helping others build their families through Surrogacy4All.

What benefits do surrogates receive?

At Surrogacy4All, our surrogates enjoy a generous compensation package, featuring personalized gifts, pregnancy bonuses, childcare and household allowances, and reimbursement for lost wages. We prioritize your comfort with in-house meals, pregnancy support items, and thoughtful gifts throughout the journey. As a token of appreciation, we provide a $1,000 educational gift for your children and a post-pregnancy family vacation. Surrogacy4All is dedicated to pampering our surrogates with one of the most comprehensive support and reward programs in the field.

How are surrogates compensated for participating in multiple journeys?

Surrogates engaged in multiple journeys, whether based in California or another surrogacy-friendly state, earn an extra $10,000 per successful journey. This bonus recognizes and rewards their unwavering dedication, acknowledging their vital role in helping families expand. It ensures that their ongoing commitment is duly celebrated and compensated. Surrogacy4All values the integral contribution of these surrogates and aims to show appreciation through this additional compensation.

How can surrogates calculate their compensation?

Surrogates determine compensation through a transparent process involving base compensation, medical expenses, and additional fees for specific circumstances. Variables like location, experience, and the surrogate’s health can influence the total amount. Surrogacy4All ensures fair compensation, adhering to legal and ethical guidelines, fostering a positive surrogacy journey for all parties involved.

What additional support or protections are provided to the surrogate?

Surrogacy4All prioritizes the well-being of our surrogates. Our comprehensive support includes medical, emotional, and legal guidance throughout the entire process. Surrogates receive personalized care, counseling, and financial assistance. We ensure their rights are protected and strive to create a positive, empowering experience for every surrogate in our program.

How can the compensation amount vary based on factors such as being a repeat surrogate or the willingness of intended parents?

The compensation amount in surrogacy may differ for repeat surrogates or based on the intended parents’ preferences. Repeat surrogates with prior successful experiences might receive higher compensation. Additionally, willingness and specific requirements of intended parents can influence compensation, varying the overall amount for each surrogacy arrangement.

Will the surrogate's health insurance costs be covered?

Yes, Surrogacy4All provides comprehensive support, including coverage for the surrogate’s health insurance costs. Our commitment is to ensure the well-being of our surrogates throughout the entire journey, prioritizing their health and peace of mind.

What other expenses and benefits may arise during the surrogate journey?

During the surrogate journey, additional expenses may include legal fees, health insurance, travel costs, and compensation for potential complications. Benefits may encompass emotional fulfillment, the joy of helping others build families, and a sense of accomplishment. It’s essential to discuss all aspects with your surrogacy agency and legal representatives.

Intended Parents Seeks Experienced Surrogate

  •  Location: Nationwide in USA
  •  How much do surrogates make? Compensation $45,000 to $85,000 is working with Alison and David who are parents of one adorable girl born through surrogacy and would love to give her a brother or sister to complete their family.

They have some frozen embryos left in New Jersey and would very much like to have one more child. The parents are both professionals with graduate degrees in computer science and can provide the baby a wonderful happy home. They prefer an experienced surrogate. The surrogate can live anywhere in the USA.

You would be working with a physician managed small but very professional agency dedicated to and passionate about egg donation and surrogacy.

You will work directly with the two physicians in our practice during your journey. You will not feel alone, and you will have 24/7 support.

How much does a surrogate get paid?

If you are an experienced surrogate, your base compensation during surrogacy will be commensurate and your base will start in the $45,000 to $85,000 range, maybe more towards the higher limit if you have insurance that can be used.

You will have your own insurance (if you don’t have insurance we can use), your own attorney, life insurance, monies due you will be escrowed for your safety, and will not be out of pocket for any surrogacy-related expenses.

The basic requirements to be a surrogate with our surrogacy agency are:

  1. Between 21 and 39 years of age
  2. Have given birth to at least one child;
  3. No complications during pregnancy
  4. Reliable Transportation; stable lifestyle
  5. No smoking; alcohol abuse; recreational drug use
  6. No recent criminal history (background checks conducted and if history, decided on case-by-case basis)
  7. Body mass index can go to around 30 (you can google BMI calculator to find yours)

To apply online to be a surrogate go to: