Who are the Egg Donors?

How We Select Egg Donors

Our comprehensive and thorough screening process ensures that we only have the highest quality egg donors. This is how we do it:



Potential donors must fill out an application to be reviewed. This application covers their medical history, family history, lifestyle habits, education, interests, and more.

Initial Screening


Applications are reviewed by our experienced team, and those who meet our criteria are invited for an interview. We look for healthy, responsible, and committed individuals.

Medical Screening


Candidates who pass the interview stage are referred to an IVF Clinic and must undergo medical and genetic screenings. These screenings include blood tests and physical examinations. This is to ensure that they are suitable for egg donation.

Psychologist Review


Potential donors must meet with a psychologist. This is to ensure they understand the process of donating and are emotionally ready for it.

Legal Clearance


Finally, potential donors review and sign a legal agreement that outlines their responsibilities and commitment to the process.