What is Surrogacy Process

Surrogacy Process

Welcome to The Surrogacy Process – Your Guide to Bringing Home Your Baby

Here is an overview of the basic steps involved in the USA surrogacy process:

1. Research Surrogacy

The first step in the surrogacy process is to research and learn about surrogacy. This includes understanding the types of surrogacy, the legal and financial aspects of surrogacy, and the potential emotional challenges involved.

2. Plan Your Journey

Once you have decided to pursue surrogacy, the next step is to plan your journey. This includes deciding on which surrogacy program is right for you, finding a surrogate, and completing the legal and medical processes. This includes identifying your surrogacy goals, creating a budget, and working with our surrogacy agency to select a qualified surrogate.

3. Your Custom Roadmap

Together, we will strategize and pre-plan your surrogacy journey. We will help you to understand your financial and legal requirements, including all the details of the Program. We value transparency and make sure that any fine print is in plain English.

4. Match with a Surrogate

Healthy and qualified matching with a surrogate is a critical step in the surrogacy process. Our surrogacy agency will help you select a healthy and qualified surrogate who meets your specific needs and preferences. This involves reviewing surrogate profiles and conducting medical and psychological evaluations.

We have several surrogates available right away. This is different from many agencies that require you to wait up to one year to find a surrogate.

5. Surrogacy Agreement

Once the surrogate is selected and the compensation and other issues are agreed to, then the legal contract is finalized. Typically, the Intended Parents use one law firm, and the surrogate is represented by a separate law firm. In many cases, the law firms have worked together before, and the process goes very smoothly.

6. Funding Escrow

Your payments are held in an online escrow account. You can view this account from home on your computer. This allows you to ensure that your funds are used in accordance with the contracts.

7. Dedicated Coordinator Through Your Entire Process

We assign one of our physician coordinators to work with you through the process. She will be your friend, supporter, and guide. This will ensure that you have all the help you need during your surrogate journey.

8. Surrogate Will be Medically Examined

The surrogate will be medically examined and evaluated before the embryo transfer. This will take place at the IVF Center chosen to perform the procedure.

9. Medical Clearance by Your Clinic

If needed, the surrogate may again be medically examined and evaluated before the embryo transfer. This will take place at the IVF Center chosen to perform the procedure.

10. Begin Pregnancy

Once you are matched with a surrogate, the next step is to begin the pregnancy. This involves working with a fertility clinic to create embryos and transfer them to the surrogate’s uterus. Our surrogacy agency will help you navigate this process and provide guidance and support throughout the nine-month pregnancy journey.

11. Embryo Transfer

You can choose the IVF center, or we can provide you with referrals to several good ones. The center will then prepare the surrogate for the embryo transfer. Once your embryo is transferred, your medical team will confirm a fetal heartbeat. This is done a second time. After this, we consider the pregnancy “established”.

12. Transfer To Obstetrician

As your pregnancy continues, your fertility center will determine when the time is right for your surrogate’s Ob/Gyn to take responsibility for your surrogate’s and baby’s medical care.

13. Support for Nine Months

We will provide support for nine months. Your coordinator will stay in contact with your surrogate throughout the pregnancy.

This is to make sure everything is running smoothly. She will contact you with updates on an ongoing basis. We check-in regularly with your surrogate and continue to provide support all through her pregnancy.

14. Making a Birth Plan

We will work with you and your surrogate to create a Birth Plan during the middle of your pregnancy. This is an exciting milestone to ensure everyone is ready for the delivery of your baby.

We will coordinate with lawyers to review the legal parentage process. This will help ensure your parentage is properly established.

15. Prepare for Your Baby's Arrival

As the due date approaches, it is important to prepare for your baby’s arrival. This includes creating a birth plan and planning for the baby’s care after birth. Our surrogacy agency can help you with these preparations and provide guidance and support as needed.

16. Your Baby is Born!

It is a time of joy and happiness!

17. Consider Being at the Hospital for the Arrival

Consider being at the hospital for the arrival of your newborn. Witness the first moments as your baby enters the world. It will be a joyous experience!

18. Your Baby Released from the Hospital

After your baby’s birth, they usually go to the NICU. There, they are examined to ensure they are in good health.

19. Documents the Baby Typically Gets

The baby typically gets a birth certificate, social security card number, and passport, as necessary. These documents are in addition to other birth documents. You will go home with a complete file of paperwork.

20. Conclude Your Surrogacy Journey

Once your baby is born, your surrogacy journey is complete. However, it is important to remember that surrogacy involves ongoing emotional and logistical support. Our surrogacy agency can assist you with the post-birth process. We offer support and resources to aid your transition to life with your baby.

21. Final Accounting of Expenses

Once your baby is home, we will pay all open bills. We will also ensure that your escrow account is closed. Any remaining funds will be returned to you.