Surrogacy Cost in New York, USA

Surrogacy4All’s agency fee covers surrogate matching, the surrogate’s medical/legal/psych clearance, coordination of clinic procedures, complete management of the pregnancy and delivery.

Surrogacy4All Agency Fees

A Typical Surrogacy Budget (Estimated)

The following budget is a typical example of surrogacy costs in the USA. Third-party fees are estimated only and are shown here for reference. These expenses would be paid directly to each provider as the services are performed. 

Surrogacy4All does not “markup” any fees or expenses. You are billed for actual amounts incurred.

Surrogate Matching Expenses

$2,500 to $3,000

Clinical Procedures**

$2,500 to $3,000

Legal Fees

$7,500 to $8,000

Surrogate Compensation*

$40,000 to $85,000

Additional Compensation for Your Surrogate*

$10,000 to $30,000

Surrogate Insurance*


Surrogacy Prenatal Care and Delivery**

$3,000 to $4,000

Total Estimated Budget

Full Concierge Level Services Provided Details

In summary, we provide complete concierge services and reduced agency fees. For USA surrogacy the services include:

We offer several different surrogacy options including:

Surrogacy Options Overseas:

How do I find medical insurance for my surrogate?

Typically, only 1 in 10 prospective surrogates possesses insurance covering maternity care. For those with coverage, the majority of policies involve co-payments and deductibles exceeding $5,000. Explore comprehensive insights on insurance considerations for your surrogate in Surrogacy4All’s Cost Guide.

Will insurance pay my surrogacy costs?

Unfortunately, medical insurance doesn’t cover payments to surrogates or agencies. However, it typically covers prenatal care and delivery costs. While a few U.S. states mandate fertility treatment coverage, basic IVF procedures are often not included. To explore options for affordable insurance for your surrogate, refer to the Surrogacy4All Cost Guide for detailed information.