Surrogacy Costs Summary in USA

Health Insurance coverage provided by employers for IVF, egg donation and surrogacy.

Surrogate Mother costs vary greatly. In India, surrogacy can cost as low as $39,000. In Ghana, it is $49,000, and $59,000 in Georgia and Ukraine. The highest price for surrogacy is in the USA, costing $119,000 and above.

There are numerous options between these prices.

Please note: Costs are all inclusive and cover all medical and delivery procedures, as well as the surrogate’s and the baby’s hospitalization, but exclude some medical complications. No additional expenses are expected, except parents’ travel expenses and local legal procedures at the parents’ country of origin.

Costs include

USA Surrogacy costs


Surrogacy Options Overseas

Canada Surrogacy costs $85,000
Cyprus Surrogacy costs $59,000
Georgia Surrogacy costs $59,000
Ghana Surrogacy costs $49,000
India Surrogacy costs $39,000
Mexico Surrogacy costs $69,000
Ukraine Surrogacy costs $59,000