Surrogacy Overview

Surrogacy Overview

We offer a range of overseas surrogacy options for intended parents who are looking for a more affordable surrogacy journey. Surrogacy costs can be a major obstacle for intended parents. Our overseas surrogacy options offer a more cost-effective solution. We prioritize high-quality care and support throughout the surrogacy process.

Pros and Cons of Low-Cost Overseas Surrogacy for USA Citizens

One of the primary advantages of overseas surrogacy is the cost savings compared to domestic surrogacy options. Overseas surrogacy is more affordable than domestic surrogacy. This makes it an excellent choice for intended parents who are looking to save money. Additionally, overseas surrogacy options often have more favorable laws and regulations, providing greater legal protection for intended parents.

However, there are also potential risks and drawbacks to overseas surrogacy. Overseas surrogacy options may involve greater logistical challenges, such as navigating international travel and customs.

Intended parents may also face language and cultural barriers when working with overseas surrogacy providers. There may be a lack of regulatory oversight in overseas surrogacy destinations. This can pose risks and complications for the intended parents. Furthermore, these risks and complications can be difficult to anticipate or mitigate.

How do costs compare doing surrogacy overseas versus the USA?

The Costs below are being compared by the country for a surrogate to carry an embryo through baby delivery:

USA Surrogacy costs$120,000
Canada Surrogacy costs$85,000
Cyprus Surrogacy costs$59,000
Georgia Surrogacy costs$59,000
Ghana Surrogacy costs$49,000
India Surrogacy costs$45,000
Mexico Surrogacy costs$69,000
Ukraine Surrogacy costs$59,000

These eight options are discussed in detail on our website.

In summary, you can start your surrogacy process from the comfort of your own home. It only requires the following few steps:

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