Single Women Surrogacy

As a Single Female Looking to Have a Baby, Why Should I Use Your Agency?

We are here to help you fulfill your dream of becoming a parent! As thoroughly,
professionally and easily as possible, at the lowest possible cost.

The Basic Question: Why Do Single Females Have Babies?

According to TIME Magazine, although even more AMERICAN females are giving birth to children, and also women are having larger families, they’re entering parenthood in a quite different manner from their ancestors. They’re delaying to have children and are notably less likely to be married compared to generations previous.

Actually, some of the most stunning trends to surface from the new report is the change since 1994 in the profile of females who, by the conclusion of their childbearing years, have had a child without marrying:

Numerous never-married females from ages 40-44 have had a kid, an increase of 75% within twenty years.

A lot more exceptionally educated single females have decided to become mothers, 3 times as many with a bachelor’s diploma and 5 times as many with an advanced degree. A fourth of single females from ages 40-44 with a higher degree are now mothers.

How We Can Help?

At Surrogacy4All, it is our goal to ensure to the best of our ability, the long-term health and safety of everyone involved in the surrogacy process. This includes the Intended Parents, the Surrogate, the Egg Donor and especially the babies.

To ensure this works for everyone, the first step is for us to meet with you by phone and preferably in person, to fully understand your needs, goals and desires. We view this as being a relationship where we support you throughout the surrogacy process, from the beginning until you have a beautiful baby in your arms.

Remember to make this work for everyone, we need to be able to match you as Intended Parents with the right Egg and/or Sperm Donors, Surrogates and IVF Clinics, whose personalities and services provided fit your expectations.

“It’s about the need someone feels to complete themselves. Because kids do complete you. You also get a chance to teach, which is very important (as this is the only way to really learn), and it is a challenge of whether you will make it as a mentor and manage to inspire them the right principles”.

Quote by: Justin

How Do You Select the Right Sperm Donor?

We work closely with several sperm banks. Once we know what you are looking for, we can help arrange for it.

Most probably, you have a mental idea of the kind of sperm donor you are looking for in terms of age, physical appearance, education, family history and personality. Our goal is to make this dream come true.

Cost: Premium ICI (Intracervical Insemination) is about $1,000.

How Do You Select the Egg Donor?

The Egg Donor is usually the second item to be addressed, and one of the most important parts of the process. It becomes an issue if you are over 42 years of age.

While the Surrogate function is that of a carrier, the DNA of your baby will come from the Egg
Donor and Sperm Donor. The sperm will be mixed with the eggs at the IVF Clinic to create the embryos.

Most probably, you have a mental idea of the kind of donor you are looking for in terms of age, physical appearance, education, family history and personality. Our goal is to make this dream come true

For USA Egg Donors

For an American Donor, as a starting point, we refer you to our affiliated website:, where we have over 1,000 Egg Donor profiles. Follow directions to log in and do a free search. Keep a list of the top five egg donors you like in order of preference and bring it with you when you come to see us. It will help us in helping you plan.

Please let us know your preferences and we can arrange to send you several profiles for your review.

How Do You Select the Surrogate?

The selection of the surrogate is itself an important decision. We recommend the surrogate to be a person who is not driven solely or even primarily by money. As part of our psychological screening we look for a surrogacy mother who combines the appropriate mixture of altruism and other motivations (“I like being pregnant”) along with the financial incentives.

Our best choice of surrogates typically is those that already have one or two children, do not want any more children of her own, liked being pregnant and liked helping other people. Basically a “good kind person”. Many come from the helping professions with careers as teachers or nurses and feel the most beautiful when they are pregnant.

One surrogate stated the reason she became a surrogate is because “No matter what else I do in my life, I will always feel I have done something to help make a meaningful gift to another person.

Should My Surrogacy be Anonymous?

The other important issue that comes up repeatedly is whether the surrogacy should be anonymous or not.

Surrogacy in the USA Is on a Fully Disclosed Basis:

In the USA, we feel that the best state laws for surrogacy is in California. In California, the surrogate name and contact information is fully disclosed in the surrogacy agreement, as the surrogate has the contact information for the Intended Parent.

California law requires that a copy of the gestational surrogacy agreement be filed with the court as part of the parentage action.

This also allows the Intended Parent to share in and be a party to the pregnancy process – which is very important to many IPs.

Surrogacy Overseas Is Anonymous:

Many Intended Parents prefer the anonymous nature of overseas surrogacy. Using foreign people as surrogates, reduces the chance of surrogate making demands and attempting to influence the way the child is raised in years to come.

Plus, the benefit of safety in distance. It takes the emotion out of the business arrangement and ensure you as the Intended Parent, can raise the child without any kind of outside interference.

Keep in mind that to do low cost overseas surrogacy the parent and the baby needs to be able to prove relationship via a DNA test.

This means either you use your own eggs, or you need to have the sperm donor be a known male who will go to Ghana to pickup the baby and confirm he is the father through a DNA test. You can be listed on the Birth Certificate as the mother.