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Surrogacy in Canada is popular. It is a good option for intended parents. They can benefit from a more affordable and secure surrogacy journey. Surrogacy in Canada has many aspects to consider. This includes associated costs, legal aspects, and a comparison to surrogacy in the USA. Here is an overview of the pros and cons of surrogacy in Canada.


Surrogacy is legal in Canada. Intended parents have access to world-class medical facilities and professionals.
Canadian surrogacy laws are more favorable than those in the United States. 

Commercial surrogacy is not allowed in Canada. This means surrogacy agreements cannot involve payment apart from medical bills and reasonable pregnancy-related costs.

This approach can help reduce the risk of legal complications and provide greater legal protection for intended parents and surrogate mothers.

Costs: Lower than the USA: $89,000 for surrogate to carry embryo through baby delivery.


Please note: Costs are all inclusive and cover all medical and delivery procedures, as well as the surrogate’s and the baby’s hospitalization, but exclude some medical complications. No additional expenses are expected, except parents’ travel expenses and local legal procedures at the parents’ country of origin.

Costs include:

The cost of surrogacy in Canada can vary. Factors that influence this cost include medical procedures, agency fees, and the surrogate mother’s compensation. All these expenses must be considered.

The overall cost of surrogacy in Canada is usually lower than in the US. Intended parents often save tens of thousands of dollars.

Legal Aspects

Surrogacy in Canada is regulated by both federal and provincial laws. Intended parents must fulfill certain criteria to pursue surrogacy in Canada. Surrogacy agreements are legally binding in Canada, and intended parents can obtain birth certificates for their children without any legal complications. 

The legal process for surrogacy in Canada is more straightforward and secure than in the United States.

Pros and Cons

Canada has a more favorable legal landscape for surrogacy than the USA. This can reduce the risks of legal complications for intended parents and surrogate mothers. The cost of surrogacy in Canada is usually lower than in the US. This makes it a more affordable option for parents who are looking to use surrogacy.

However, there are also potential drawbacks to surrogacy in Canada. Surrogate mothers often receive little more than medical expenses and reasonable pregnancy-related costs. This can make it harder to find someone willing to become a surrogate. Additionally, the availability of certain medical procedures may be more limited in Canada compared to the United States.

Surrogacy in Canada is a popular choice for intended parents. It is more affordable and legally secure than other options. In conclusion, this is an attractive journey for those seeking surrogacy.

Surrogacy in Canada has potential drawbacks. However, the benefits often make it a better choice than surrogacy in the United States.

It is important for intended parents to research the laws and regulations in Canada before beginning a surrogacy journey. They must make sure to understand the information thoroughly.

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