Become A Surrogate

Help a childless couple and get paid per surrogacy journey for your good deed!

USA Payments:  US $45,000 to $85,000 

Canada Payments: $67,500 to $87,500 (CAD) as below:
1. Payment by Intended Parents:                   $35,000 to $55,000
2. 15 weeks of maternity benefits :                 $10,000 (By Canadian Govt)
3. Total Potential Payments:                           $45,000 to $65,000 (CAD)

We are currently hiring Surrogate Mothers throughout the USA and Canada to join our team.

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Surrogacy4All founded in 2008, is a professional, friendly, surrogate-focused agency committed to growing families through surrogacy and egg donation. We aid infertile couples, same-sex couples, and single men and women seeking to start a family through assisted reproductive technology, including embryo transfer.

Welcome to Surrogacy4All

where miracles happen every day. We are a physician-managed gestational surrogacy agency.

We believe in the power of women. We believe in the joy of families. We believe in the beauty of dreams fulfilled. We are more than a surrogacy agency. We are a family. We invite you to become a surrogate with us. We are excited about this!

As a surrogate, you have the extraordinary potential to bring immeasurable happiness to those who dream of having a family. This journey of gestational surrogacy requires courage, compassion, and commitment. We are here to guide, support, and honor you every step of the way.

At Surrogacy4All, we understand that each surrogate journey is unique. To support you, we provide a personalized support system. It is unparalleled in its level of care. We offer:

A Generous Surrogate Pay

We deeply appreciate your willingness to help others in such a profound way. We believe your altruism deserves to be rewarded. Therefore, we offer one of the most competitive surrogate pay packages in the industry. The pay range is from $40,000 to $85,000 per surrogacy journey, making parenthood a reachable dream for many.

Continuous Emotional Support

Becoming a surrogate is an emotional journey. We offer comprehensive emotional and psychological support. This support is available throughout the process and beyond. Our goal is to make sure you always feel valued, respected, and cared for.

Full Legal Support

Our team of experienced legal professionals will provide full legal support. They will guide you through the legal process of employing a gestational carrier. They will ensure your rights and interests are protected.

Health and Wellness Priority

Your health is paramount. As a physician-managed agency, we prioritize your health. We partner with the best medical facilities and fertility clinics. This ensures you receive top-quality healthcare during your surrogate journey.

Community of Surrogate

You're never alone in your journey. Join our vibrant community of surrogates where you can share experiences, seek advice, and make lifelong friendships.

Why become a Surrogate with Surrogacy4All?

Most surrogacy agencies in the USA are run by lawyers and ex-surrogates, but our focus has always been on the well-being of every surrogate mother and child.

When you become pregnant, would you rather get medical checkups and reproductive medicine support from a doctor or a lawyer?

We are a Physician Managed Agency. We will work jointly with your clinic on the medical support that will be given to you throughout the nine-month gestation period.

This is why so many surrogates prefer to work with us.

Become A Surrogate

Being a surrogate is more than a process. It is a life-changing experience. It creates strong bonds and nurtures dreams. Most importantly, it brings the miracle of life into the world. At Surrogacy4All , we are committed to making this journey of gestational surrogacy as seamless and rewarding as possible for you.

So, are you ready to change your lives, including your own? Become a surrogate with us at Surrogacy4All and let us embark on this beautiful journey together. Please fill out our simple online application to get started. We cannot wait to welcome you to our family.

Are you a compassionate, selfless woman who wants to help others build their families? If so, you may be a great candidate to become a surrogate with Surrogacy4All.

We are a leading surrogacy agency that has been helping families create their dreams for over 20 years. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including:

Financial compensation
Medical and legal support
24/7 access to our team of experts

We are committed to providing our surrogates with the best possible experience. We understand that surrogacy is a big decision, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a surrogate with Surrogacy4All, please contact us today. We would be honored to discuss your options with you.

How much is the compensation?

Surrogate Pay 

In the USA, you will be compensated $40,000 to $85,000 dollars in total tied to various criteria. Compensation outside the USA is lower and varies by the country you live in and the laws governing surrogacy.

Why Choose Surrogacy4All?

There are many reasons to choose Surrogacy4All as your surrogacy agency. Here are just a few:

If you are considering becoming a surrogate, we encourage you to contact Surrogacy4All today. We would be honored to discuss your options with you and help you make the best decision for your future.

Surrogacy Agency in California

How to Become a Surrogate ?

If you are interested in becoming a surrogate, whether through gestational or traditional surrogacy, the first step is to contact a surrogacy agency. The agency will assess your eligibility and help you through the process of becoming a surrogate, including handling termination procedures if necessary.

The requirements for becoming a surrogate vary from agency to agency. However, most agencies, including Surrogacy4All, also provide guidance on securing life insurance and require that surrogate be:

You may be eligible to become a surrogate. If so, the agency can help you. They will assist you in locating intended parents and making a match. The agency will also provide you with support throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

What are the Benefits of being a surrogate ?

There are many benefits to surrogacy for both intended parents and surrogates. For intended parents, surrogacy can be a way to build their families when they are unable to have children on their own. Surrogacy can also be a more affordable option than adoption.

For surrogates, surrogacy can be a rewarding experience. It can be a way to help others build their families and make a difference in the world. Surrogates are also compensated for their time and expenses, which can be a financial benefit.

We strongly encourage you to research the process and potential benefits of becoming a surrogate. Learning more can help you make an informed decision. Surrogacy can be a wonderful way to help others build their families and make a difference in the world.

What are the risks of being a surrogate?

Being a surrogate involves similar risks to a typical pregnancy, including gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, and complications related to childbirth. However, we ensure our surrogates receive top-tier medical care to minimize risks.

What previous surrogate are saying about their surrogacy journeys?

Our surrogate consistently shares positive experiences about their journeys. They spoke about the dedicated support they received from our team, the close-knit surrogate community, and the joy they felt in helping create a family.


"Being a surrogate with Surrogacy4All was an extraordinary experience. The entire team was supportive, understanding, and genuinely cared about my wellbeing. I felt valued and respected throughout the journey."
Why become a Surrogate Mother
Sarah M.
"Surrogacy4All is an incredible agency. They took care of everything – from medical appointments to legal paperwork. The compensation was generous, and the emotional support was unwavering. I felt like I was part of a big, caring family."
Best Surrogacy Agency
Jessica L.
"I had a wonderful surrogacy journey with Surrogacy4All. They were there for me at every step, ensuring my health and comfort. It was rewarding to help a family in such a profound way."
Premier Surrogacy Agency
Emily B.
"Surrogacy4All made my surrogacy experience unforgettable. Their physician-managed approach gave me peace of mind, and the community of fellow surrogates was amazing. I felt understood and supported."
Benefits of Surrogate Mother in Canada
Laura G.
"My journey as a surrogate was made easier thanks to Surrogacy4All. The team was professional, compassionate, and always ready to help. It was a rewarding and fulfilling experience."
Requirement of Surrogate Mother
Amanda T.
"Surrogacy4All helped me navigate my surrogacy journey with ease. Their comprehensive support, coupled with the generous compensation, made the experience truly special. I felt like I was in safe hands throughout the process."
How to become a Surrogate Mother
Nina R.
"Choosing Surrogacy4All for my surrogacy journey was one of the best decisions I've made. The team's dedication, support, and care were exceptional. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering becoming a surrogate."
Olivia P.
"From the moment I signed up with Surrogacy4All, I felt supported and valued. Their physician-managed approach made me feel safe, and the compensation was fair. I'm grateful for the wonderful experience."
Sophia W.
"Surrogacy4All exceeded my expectations in every way. Their attention to my wellbeing, their thoroughness, and their heartfelt support made my surrogacy journey a joyous experience."
How to become a Surrogate Mother
Mia S.
10. "My surrogacy journey with Surrogacy4All was truly rewarding. The team was there with me at every stage, ensuring that I was comfortable, safe, and well taken care of. It was an honor to help create a family with Surrogacy4All."
Isabella D.


There are many different motivations that may lead a woman to consider becoming a surrogate . Surrogates may have an ardent desire to help others build their families.

They may find a deep sense of compassion and altruism for those who are unable to have children. Some people are motivated to help create a family for someone else by contributing to the well-being of a child. They can feel a sense of fulfillment from this act.

For some women, becoming a surrogate is an opportunity to have a meaningful and rewarding experience. They can use their fertility to make a difference in the world.

Surrogacy can be a unique and fulfilling journey. It allows women to form strong connections with the intended parent(s) and the child they are carrying. It is an incredibly special process.

Being a surrogate is a big commitment of both time and emotion. Consider carefully whether this is the right decision for you before taking the next step.

Becoming a surrogate involves several steps. First, you will submit an application and undergo an initial screening process. If accepted, you will have a medical examination and psychological evaluation. Once cleared, you will be matched with intended parents and the legal process begins. After successful embryo transfer, you will carry the pregnancy to term and deliver the baby.

If you are interested in becoming a surrogate mother, or gestational carrier, there are several steps you can take to begin the process:
  1. Consider your motivations for becoming a surrogate and whether you are prepared for the physical, emotional, and time commitments involved.
  2. Research surrogacy laws and regulations in your state or country. Surrogacy laws vary widely. It is essential to understand the legal protections and requirements for the place of the surrogacy agreement. Knowing these details is important for a successful arrangement.
  3. Find a surrogacy agency or attorney to work with. Surrogacy agencies and attorneys can provide support and guidance throughout the journey. They can help you connect with intended parent(s). They can also help you navigate the surrogacy process.
  4. Meet with a medical professional to discuss your health and fertility. A medical professional can evaluate your overall health and fertility. They will decide if you are suitable for surrogacy.
  5. Undergo medical and psychological screening. Surrogacy agencies and intended parent(s) may require surrogates to undergo medical and psychological screening to ensure they are physically and emotionally prepared for the surrogacy process.
  6. Negotiate and sign a surrogacy agreement. It is important to carefully negotiate and agree upon the terms of the surrogacy arrangement, including compensation and other responsibilities, with the intended parent(s) before entering the arrangement.
  7. Begin the medical process of surrogacy, which may include hormone treatments and in vitro fertilization (IVF) to become pregnant.
It is important to keep in mind that becoming a surrogate is a significant commitment, and it is important to be fully prepared and informed about the process before moving forward.

The qualifications to be a surrogate mother can vary depending on the surrogacy agency or intended parent(s) with whom you are working. In general, most surrogacy agencies and intended parent(s) will look for surrogates who meet the following criteria:

  1. Age: Most surrogacy agencies and intended parent(s) prefer surrogates who are at least 21 years old, with some setting the minimum age at 25 or higher.
  2. Health: Surrogates should be in good physical and mental health, with no medical conditions that could affect the pregnancy or the health of the child.
  3. Fertility: Surrogates should have had at least one successful pregnancy and delivery in the past.
  4. Support system: Surrogates should have a supportive network of friends and family who are willing to help them during the surrogacy process.
  5. Flexibility: Surrogates should be able to be available for regular medical appointments and follow any special instructions or guidelines during the pregnancy.
  6.  Responsibility: Surrogates should be responsible and reliable, with a stable home and financial situation.

It is important to keep in mind that these are general qualifications and that specific requirements may vary depending on the surrogacy agency or intended parent(s) with whom you are working.

Surrogacy Agency

Surrogacy4All is a physician-managed agency, offering unparalleled medical support throughout the surrogacy journey. We provide a generous compensation package, emotional support, and a nurturing community of surrogates. We also offer complete transparency, respect, and care, making us the agency of choice for many surrogates.

Gestational Carrier

No, as a gestational surrogate, you will not use your own eggs. The intended parents will provide the egg and sperm for fertilization, and the resulting embryo will be transferred to your uterus.

Gestational Surrogates Working with an agency like Surrogacy4All that is certified and registered with the FDA and various state agencies ensures that your rights and interests are protected. We handle all the legal, medical, and logistical aspects of the surrogacy process, and provide continuous emotional support. Going independent can be complex and overwhelming, especially without a professional support system.
Yes, you can. In gestational surrogacy, the embryo is transferred directly into your uterus, so fallopian tubes are not involved in the process.

Typically, surrogate mothers are of childbearing age as it requires the ability to carry a pregnancy to term. Menopausal women are not eligible due to health risks associated with older age pregnancies.

Having a child previously demonstrates that your body can carry a pregnancy to term. It also indicates that you understand the physical and emotional processes involved in pregnancy and childbirth.

Our agency will manage all medical expenses related to the surrogacy, including prenatal care and delivery. In some cases, your insurance may be used, but we will ensure that all costs are fully covered.

Surrogacy4All proudly supports the military community. We welcome military wives as surrogates and offer additional support to accommodate the unique circumstances military families may face.

Screening Process:

The surrogacy journey begins with your application and initial screening. Once you are approved, you will undergo medical and psychological evaluations. When these are passed, we will match you with intended parents who fit your preferences. Legal contracts are then drafted to protect everyone’s rights and define responsibilities.

Once the contracts are signed, the medical process begins. This involves fertility treatments to prepare your body for pregnancy, followed by the embryo transfer. If the transfer is successful and a pregnancy is confirmed, regular check-ups and monitoring will follow to ensure the health and safety of both you and the baby.

Surrogacy Journey:

Payment for surrogacy is typically structured in installments throughout the pregnancy rather than a lump sum at the end. Your first payment usually comes after the embryo transfer and confirmation of pregnancy. The rest of the compensation is paid in regular installments throughout the pregnancy, with the final payment typically made after the birth. Specifics about the payment schedule will be outlined in your surrogacy contract.

Carry a pregnancy:

Remember, our team at Surrogacy4All is here to guide and support you at every step of your surrogacy journey. We are committed to making this experience as smooth and rewarding as possible for you.

To find a surrogate mother online, intended parents at Surrogacy4All can begin by researching reputable surrogacy agencies or platforms. Create a detailed profile outlining your preferences and expectations. Communicate openly and establish a strong rapport with potential surrogates. Prioritize legal and medical screenings to ensure compatibility. Foster a supportive and transparent relationship, addressing concerns and expectations upfront. Open communication is key to a successful partnership on the journey to parenthood.


After the baby’s birth, connect with your newborn during the surrogate’s care. Enjoy precious ‘skin-to-skin’ moments, fostering a strong bond. Ensure all legal documents are ready, granting you decision-making rights. Some states require post-birth parentage orders. Provide necessary hospital paperwork, securing your authority over your child. Upon discharge, embrace your new family life as you bring your baby home from the hospital with Surrogacy4All.

Surrogacy4All is renowned for our tailored family-building solutions in surrogacy, cost-effective services, and a dedicated team providing unwavering support throughout the entire journey.

At Surrogacy4All, a significant portion of prospective parents engaging with our surrogacy agency are individuals leading regular lives with typical occupations. Our approach embraces prospective parents from various backgrounds, including those residing in New York, United States. We cater to a diverse global clientele, welcoming both heterosexual and LGBTQ+ parents, as well as couples and single parents into our inclusive process.

Becoming a parent through surrogacy involves several important steps. Here is an overview of the process:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Finding a Surrogate Mother
  • Legal and Financial Preparation
  • Pre-Screening and Medical Procedures
  • Embryo Transfer and Monitoring

Pregnancy and Legal Proceedings

Surrogacy4All is committed to providing comprehensive support to intended parents throughout the entire surrogacy process. We understand that this journey can be complex and emotional, and our goal is to ensure that you have all the guidance and assistance you need. Here is an overview of how Surrogacy4All supports intended parents:

  • Insurance and Hospital Coordination
  • Arrival and Communication
  • Escrow Account Management
  • Legal Guidance
  • Bonding Time and Decision-making Rights
  • Transitioning Home

At Surrogacy4All, we are dedicated to providing intended parents with the highest level of support throughout their surrogacy journey, offering guidance, assistance, and expert coordination every step of the way.


In the Surrogacy4All contract, the surrogate’s compensation and expenses are meticulously outlined. The document clearly defines the surrogate’s base compensation, additional payments for specific milestones, and comprehensive coverage of medical, legal, and miscellaneous expenses. Surrogates can be assured that their financial terms are explicitly stated, fostering transparency and ensuring fair compensation for their invaluable contribution to the surrogacy process.

The initial step in the surrogacy process involves thorough research and consultation with a reputable surrogacy agency or fertility clinic. Surrogacy4All should connect with professionals who can provide comprehensive information on legal, medical, and logistical aspects of surrogacy. This ensures a clear understanding of the process, eligibility criteria, and associated responsibilities, laying a solid foundation for a successful and ethically sound surrogacy journey.