Egg Donor Options Overseas


Parents who are looking for low-cost surrogacy like to take advantage of the lower costs for egg donors overseas.

Costs vary by country but usually cost about half the amount in the USA. The quality of donors is like donors the USA. However, the success rate for both fresh and donor eggs can be lower overseas due to differences in IVF equipment and techniques.

We have had tremendous success with low cost overseas egg donors. For many parents, they are the preferred choice. Therefore, this should not be an issue.

Is egg donation and surrogacy safe overseas? Or will we get ripped off and not get the baby we want?

Depends on whether you have done your homework. If you go to an unknown clinic based on their internet information and pricing, it is “buyer beware “.

This is why most Americans feel safe and get best treatment, results, prices, and respect when they go through an established a licensed FDA registered agency like ours that is certified and insured. .We safeguard your interests and follow up overseas as necessary to ensure a great egg donor and surrogacy journey.

We limit our overseas clinic referrals to centers in India, Ghana, Georgia,and other countries which do about 600+ Ivf, egg donation and surrogate cases every year, with all  legalities in place, and  a long IVF history and a proven success record equal to or exceeding USA rates for successful pregnancy.

In many cases we have met personally with the staff of the overseas Ivf clinic, gone to visit it, inspected their embryology labs and performed compete due diligence before we recommend them to you for your journey.

In addition, because we are a source of ongoing referral of Intended Parents for surrogates and egg donation for the clinic, the patients we send them get the best surrogates and support available at the center, which results in the highest possible success rates.

If you go on your own to the same clinic, there is no one to watch over them to protect your interests and no repeat business for them. They may treat you accordingly.

This is why you are much better off going through an agency like ours to help ensure you get the baby you contract for.

In addition, we assume all responsibility for the procedure.

All you do is complete the paperwork, either let us ship your existing embryos if available,  or send you a home sperm collection kit, help you select an egg donor from our database of over 1,000 donors, and then arrange for sending them to the overseas clinic by hand courier.

The next most major step is you go in about 12 months and pick up your bundle of joy!

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