Surrogacy in Ukraine: Process and Cost

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If you are considering surrogacy, Ukraine offers a unique and affordable option. Surrogacy in Ukraine is popular. It is a choice for intended parents who seek an affordable and legally secure surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy in Ukraine has many aspects to consider. This overview will discuss the costs, legalities, and the pros and cons compared to surrogacy in the USA.


Ukraine is a surrogacy-friendly country, with clear and favorable surrogacy laws and regulations. Ukraine has a well-developed surrogacy industry and experienced medical professionals who are familiar with surrogacy procedures.

Surrogacy in Ukraine is also typically more affordable than in the United States, making it an attractive option for intended parents.

Costs: Among the lowest worldwide: $59,000 for surrogate to carry embryo through baby delivery.

The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine can vary. Factors influencing the cost include medical procedures, surrogacy agency fees, and compensation for the surrogate expenses. Surrogacy in Ukraine is usually cheaper than in the US. Intended parents can save a lot of money – up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Legal Aspects

Surrogacy in Ukraine is regulated by laws and regulations. These laws protect the rights of intended parents and surrogate mothers. They are clear and favorable.

Surrogacy contracts are legally binding in Ukraine, and intended parents can obtain birth certificates for their children without any legal complications. Ukraine also recognizes the intended parents as the legal parents of the child born through surrogacy.

Pros and Cons

Ukraine has a more favorable legal landscape and lower cost for surrogacy compared to the USA. This is one of the main advantages of surrogacy in Ukraine. 

Surrogacy in Ukraine is legally secure. Clear laws and regulations protect the rights of both intended parents and surrogate mothers. This makes the surrogacy journey safe and dependable. The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is usually lower than in the US.

This makes it a more affordable choice for those who want to become parents. However, there are also potential drawbacks to surrogacy in Ukraine. The availability of certain medical procedures may be more limited in Ukraine compared to the United States. Additionally, intended parents may face logistical challenges such as international travel and customs.

Surrogacy in Ukraine is a popular choice for intended parents. It is more affordable and legally secure than other options. In conclusion, Ukraine is an attractive option for those wanting to pursue surrogacy.

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