Egg Donor Options for Parents

Who are the egg donors?

The donor is typically an anonymous donor who has been screened for infectious diseases and other medical conditions. The egg donor can be known to the intended parents or a gestational carrier, such as a family member or friend.

The egg donor will often receive compensation for her time and medical expenses. A surrogate is typically a person who has already had successful pregnancies and births. They are willing to help other people realize their dream of becoming parents.

She may receive medical and other expenses in addition to her fee. The intended parents are responsible for all medical, legal, and other costs associated with the surrogacy process.

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As discussed, we offer several different surrogacy options including

USA Surrogacy costs


Surrogacy Options Overseas

Canada Surrogacy costs $85,000
Cyprus Surrogacy costs $59,000
Georgia Surrogacy costs $59,000
Ghana Surrogacy costs $49,000
India Surrogacy costs $39,000
Mexico Surrogacy costs $69,000
Ukraine Surrogacy costs $59,000

Egg Donors

We also provide several egg donation and frozen egg options depending on your ethnicity and preferences. Please see our section on egg donation with over 1,000+ donors for more details and costs

We work with married, single, and LGBTQ couples. Irrespective of your married status or sexual orientation, we will provide a comfortable and safe environment for your surrogacy journey.

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