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Egg Donation Program in New York

Egg Donation Program for Intended Parents

The Egg Donation procedure enables one woman to give her eggs to another. This allows the recipient to carry the eggs and become a mother.

Usually, eggs are collected at an IVF Clinic. In the Center’s laboratory, they are fertilized. Finally, the fertilized eggs are implanted in the intended mother.

For many donors, their eggs after collection are frozen and stored for later use for Intended Parents.

We provide eggs in both fresh and frozen form. They are available through our donor database and affiliated agencies in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Ghana, and India.

Most common recipient donor preferences

Among married couples

Most women would have preferred to use their own eggs. Hence, they typically prefer a donor who looks as much like them as possible. This is especially important to women who already have a child and prefer to have the baby resemble the other child.

Single women and Lesbian couples

The same logic also applies for many single women. They prefer an egg donor who looks like themselves.

Single and gay couples

Their preference in many cases is different than for women. Many of them want the best possible premium donor. One couple told me that their ideal donor “Is an egg donor who looks like Ms. America and has a PhD from Harvard – the best combination of brains and beauty!

The good news is that with over 1,000+ donors in our database, you should come close to satisfying these desires.

International Egg Donor Recipient Parents

Feel free to search our database using the same criteria that American residents use. The costs and protocols will be similar. The only additional cost will be for shipping frozen oocytes to your home country.

We encourage you to do a free search in our database. As soon as you have identified your preferred donors, please email us the donor number(s) at and we will check on the donor availability and reserve her for you.

How do you select an agency to use?

For most parents, the search for the ‘egg donation near me’ ends here. Our comprehensive egg donation services distinguish us in this field.

We are among the thirty surrogacy agencies in the USA that are licensed by the New York State. Out of hundreds of agencies in the USA, this is a notable accomplishment. NYS is the only state that licenses surrogacy agencies. In addition, we are certified by the FDA and licensed as an egg donor agency in several USA States. This is the Gold Standard to ensure your agency is insured and reputable.

Our Commitment to Your Journey

We are dedicated to making your path to parenthood as seamless and fulfilling as possible. Trust in our personalized, compassionate service, and professional expertise at every stage of this process.

Surrogacy service is available in the New York location. These cities provide options for individuals or couples seeking surrogacy assistance

Surrogacy4All offers intended parents service in New York locations.

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