Our History and Mission

Our History

Our medical practice, www.Patientsmedical.com, was founded in Manhattan in 1974 by Dr. Warren Levin and Dr. Atkins (Weight Loss Fame). In 2004, Dr. Rashmi Gulati took over leadership of the practice.

In 2006, the practice expanded into other areas, including Reproductive Medicine, under the leadership of Dr. Satty Gill Keswani, Gynecologist and Reproductive Endocrinologist.

Dr. Keswani has pioneered fertility techniques in artificial insemination and research in this field since 1990. She has delivered over 1,000 babies and supported expansion of the practice to add egg donor and surrogacy services.

In 2006, the demand for low-cost surrogacy in India exploded. By 2012, more than 25,000 babies were born to surrogates in India; 50% of these are from the West including USA and Europe.

Through our sister website www.IndianEggDonors.com we started to offer surrogacy journeys in India in 2008 for under $30,000, compared to $100,000+ in the USA. This quickly made our company a dominant presence in the market. This dominance continued through 2015 when the Indian Government banned surrogacy for non-Indians.

In 2016, due to the ban of surrogacy in India for non-Indians, we moved our services and non-Indian Intended Patients for surrogacy journeys to other countries. These countries included Ghana and Ukraine. Additionally, we expanded the availability of surrogacy in the USA via our website www.Surrogacy4all.com.

Our Mission

At present, our medical practice www.PatientsMedical.com in New York City, near Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC, continues to provide reproductive medicine support to Intended Parents looking for non-donor options for medical issues.

We also provide gynecology exams and initial screening for egg donors and surrogate . Dr. Emine Cosar, MD, who has over 20 years of medical experience as a Gynecologist heads the Gynecology practice.

We do not provide IVF services in the practice and instead refer patients for IVF to our established network of top-rated centers we work with throughout the USA.

Our overseas surrogacy practice under www.surrogacy4all.com continues to be phenomenally successful. Our affiliated surrogacy center in Ghana with 100+ medical staff is run by an IVF Physician trained at the University of Michigan. It offers American standard IVF services for only $49,000, the lowest worldwide cost, compared to the cost of $120,000+ for similar quality services in America.

The center performs more than 600 IVF, surrogacy, and Egg Donation journeys annually. Embryos have been sent to Ghana from several USA fertility centers, such as Shady Grove, New England Fertility and RMA to be carried by surrogate. 100% of these embryos have resulted in successful pregnancies and healthy newborn babies.

Our USA egg donor and surrogacy practice continues to expand. We have provided donors to 100+ IVF Centers in the USA. These include Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Harvard), Stamford, NYU, and Johns Hopkins.

We have 1,000+ top quality Egg Donors and Surrogate in our database and make them available to Intended Parents to use at these centers.

Our Values

Our Goal is to be more than just an agency.

We are the best option Intended Parents have which is to collaborate with a physician-managed surrogacy agency.

Q: How does it help you as an Intended Parent, a Surrogate, or a Clinical Partner?

Very simply you will have only one agency managing your journey to becoming a parent. This includes your journey, surrogate’s journey, and your egg donor’s journey. The health and successful journey for both the Surrogate and the baby is our number one priority.

Whether you are looking to start a family, become a Surrogate, or partner with us, we are here to help make your dreams become a reality.

We understand the importance of having experienced professionals and we provide our clients with the highest quality of care. It includes physicians, nurses, lawyers, mental health professionals, and experienced staff.

We provide personalized attention throughout your journey and are available to answer any questions that you may have. We strive to make your surrogacy and egg donor experience as easy and successful as possible with the highest success rates possible.