Why Surrogacy4All

What Makes Us Unique

Welcome to Surrogacy4All, your best choice in the world of surrogacy and egg donation. We are not just another agency – we are a family of experienced professionals enthusiastic about turning your dreams into reality. Our success is due to our personalized, medically informed approach. This sets us apart in the field of surrogacy and egg donation services.

Here’s why Surrogacy4All stands out among other agencies:

1. Licensed and Certified: There are hundreds of egg donors and surrogacy agencies in the USA. We are one of only thirty agencies that have passed the strict requirements needed to obtain a license for surrogacy. These are issued by New York State

2. Physicians and medical professionals manage our surrogacy and egg donation services. They specialize in reproductive medicine services.
This team guides our services. Our expertise provides medically informed guidance throughout your journey. This benefit is unique and not found in all agencies owned and managed by attorneys or ex-surrogates.

3. We have the lowest most competitive overseas surrogacy pricing in the industry, starting at $39,000.

We offer the most competitive USA surrogacy pricing in the industry, a starting rate of $120,000+ with excellent success rates. We promise transparent costs, with no hidden markups for services or surprises, making your journey towards parenthood stress-free.

4. Successful Track Record

Our high success rates, which exceed USA surrogacy results published by the CDC, speak volumes about our commitment and expertise. Our rigorous screening process for surrogates and egg donors ensures a higher chance of successful pregnancies and healthy babies.

We provide egg donation and surrogacy services through our one agency. We partner with some of the top reproductive doctors and clinics in the US. Our rigorous screening process for donors and surrogates covers social, medical, and lifestyle conditions and more.

5. We provide end-to-end support throughout their journey 

We help select a surrogate or egg donor and navigate legal aspects. Our personalized guidance ensures a smooth and comfortable experience.

6. We do everything possible to help you realize your dreams of parenthood and growing your family. You can count on us to help you reach the end of your journey as smoothly as possible.

7. We believe that surrogate and egg donors deserve personalized guidance and support throughout their journey.

We provide end-to-end support for these individuals. Many of our coordinators are physicians and are intricately familiar with every step of your journey and will assist you accordingly. 

We provide personalized guidance throughout the surrogacy journey. This includes finding the perfect intended parent, fair compensation, and navigating legal aspects. We strive to make this experience smooth and comfortable for you.

8. Global Reach: Surrogacy and Egg Donor options for intended parents from around the globe.

Many overseas parents choose to do surrogacy in the USA. This is because they can benefit from the state-of-the-art technology for IVF available in the USA. Additionally, their children will receive USA citizenship by being born in the USA, according to USA laws.

9. No discrimination: As our name states we provide “Surrogacy4All”. 

We strongly believe that everyone is entitled to have their own bundle of joy! We offer our services to people of all orientations, including married and unmarried couples, gay partners, and single men and women. We also serve people of all ethnic backgrounds, including white, Black, Asian, Spanish, and Indian.

10. Happy Families  

The numerous positive testimonials from our surrogates, egg donors, and intended parents reflect our dedication to creating successful, happy families.
We are as committed to your dream of parenthood as you are. Let us be your trusted partners on this beautiful journey.

All individuals’ circumstances are unique. It is important to discuss these factors with our fertility specialists to make the best decision for your surrogacy journey.

Ready to explore the possibilities of parenthood with surrogates and egg donors? Contact our team on 1-212-661-7177 today to start your journey or click on link below to make an appointment.