How Does Surrogacy Work In The USA?

How Does Surrogacy Work In The USA?

Surrogacy in summary, is the hiring of another women to be a Surrogate Mother to carry your baby.

For many women getting pregnant occurs naturally when you are in your 20’s and early 30’s. However, as women age, and specially once she is over 40 years of age it becomes more difficult to have a successful pregnancy. Currently about one out of every six women over 40 need the help of IVF, an Egg Donor and or a Surrogate Mother to help have a beautiful health baby.

Among various reasons a Gestational Surrogate is used when:

  •  It would be a high-risk pregnancy due to a medical condition requiring the help of a surrogate mother to carry the baby
  •  The Embryos despite trying IVF and natural conception, just don’t implant in the uterus, necessitating a surrogate mother assistance.
  •  The Intended parent’s Uterus is damaged or nonexistent, giving her no option but to use a surrogate mother.
  •  The couple is gay or LGBTQ, requiring surrogacy and surrogate other to carry the baby

A good example is one of our client’s Alison.

Alison is 42 years old in excellent health and jogs five miles a week. She felt she was in better health then most 20-year-old women but was finding it hard to get pregnant and then had repeated miscarriages when she did get pregnant.

Our Gynecologist Examination revealed several problems. First her AMH level that used to be 6.0 in her 20’s was now below 1.0 indicating very poor egg quality. This is very common at age 40 and above.

Secondly, she had developed fibroids in her Uterus along with other issues as she aged making it difficult for the embryos to implant in to her Uterus to ensure a successful pregnancy.

How to Ensure a Successful Surrogacy:

Use an Egg Donor to get top quality M2 Eggs:
Egg Donors are mostly young women in their 20’s who are willing to got through an IVF procedure to have their own eggs harvested, and then typically frozen to make them available to women who do not have good quality eggs to use for having a baby. In selecting an Egg Donor most parents look for Egg Donors who are like themselves in appearance and education. To look at a sample of Egg Donors available, go to , where over 1,000 egg donor profiles are listed. Open a free account and search the website to find a donor that you like.
Create Embryos using top quality donor eggs:
This is typically done in an IVF Center with the assistance of their Embryologist. The Embryologist used the 12 donor eggs that Alison received, and sperm from her husband to create embryos. From the 12 eggs she generated 6 Embryos out of which4 matured to become Day 5 blastocyst. The likelihood of a successful pregnancy increases with using the day 5 blastocysts.
Retain a Properly Screened Surrogate Mother:

The next step for Alison was to find a great Surrogate Mother to carry her baby. For this she searched the Internet to find the best surrogacy agency for her needs.

Her criteria for Best Surrogacy Agency selection were as follows:

  1. Surrogacy Agency should have been in business for at least 10 years and had had many successful surrogacy births.
  2. Ensure it is reputable fully licensed by both the state in which it operates as well as the FDA, as well as has full insurance coverage for over $1 million. Less than 10% of the Surrogacy Agencies meet this criterion. Our Agency meets all these criteria and hence is a surrogate agency of choice for many Intended Parents
  3. Check on the services they offer to ensure the surrogate agency can support you throughout the surrogacy journey. Some agencies only provide a match and disappear. What you need is an established, full-service surrogacy agency that offers all surrogacy services from matching to case management to legal services—this will make your surrogacy journey significantly less stressful.
  4. Check on how the surrogates are screened. Many agencys are owned and managed by Lawyers. Our agency which has several physicians on the staff focusses on the very important medical aspects of ensuring a successful surrogacy. This includes the following different areas of screening:
    1. Complete medical checkups and medical history review of the donor including a thorough Gynecological examination
    2. Emotional wellbeing review by a psychologist to confirm the surrogate is comfortable being a surrogate mother and giving up the baby at birth. Some potential surrogates have a problem with this and are automatically rejected by us in the screening process.
    3. We put strong emphasis on ensuring a strong match between surrogates and intended parents.
    4. We arrange to have separate legal representation for each party. The Intended Parents have their own lawyers. The surrogate mother has her own lawyers.
    5. Understand fully the financial costs from a cost sheet, how the escrow account works and how the surrogate gets paid.
The Surrogacy Journey in the USA
  •  As mentioned earlier we have several physicians closely affiliated with us working in our surrogacy practice. Once the surrogate is pregnant, they are required to consult with either our physicians or a registered dietician multiple times during the pregnancy.. Our goal is to create a bond and trust between the Intended Parents and the Surrogate that result in the fulfillment of everyone’s dreams.

How do we keep surrogacy costs down?

Surrogacy4All stands out as a fully licensed and registered surrogacy agency and egg donor center, providing support services in three locations at different cost points for carrying an embryo through baby delivery. We offer the following international and USA Surrogacy options
Surrogacy in India $39,000 Limited to Indians with Indian Passports
Surrogacy in Ghana $49,000 Open for all applicants requiring a surrogate mother
Surrogacy in Ukraine / Georgia $59,000 Limed to only married couples
Surrogacy in United States $120,000+ Open for all applicants requiring a surrogate mother

We will help chose the correct location depending on the needs of the patients. The agency serves different categories of clients, including infertile couples, same-sex couples, and single men and women seeking to start a family through assisted reproductive technology, in affiliation with Indian Egg Donors, one of the largest and oldest egg donor agencies in the USA with over 1,000 egg donors available.

Who we are

The team of highly experienced and well-trained professionals at Surrogacy4All continues to reiterate its commitment to helping families grow through surrogacy and egg donation, as the agency makes upgrades to its offerings. Launched in 2006, Surrogacy4All has grown to become a leading name in surrogacy services, leveraging top-notch solutions and partnerships with licensed agencies to deliver an amazing experience to clients in the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world, without requiring them to break the bank.

Low Cost Surrogacy

In summary, getting started with Low Cost Overseas surrogacy using your existing embryos only requires the following few steps:
  •  In the comfort of your own home: Complete paperwork. Then Email forms to us.
  •  Provide the contact IVF location information of your embryos. We do the rest including hand courier pickup and delivery of your embryos.
  •  If you need to create embryos we will arrange to send you a “collect sperm at home kit”.
  •  If you need an egg donor please go to to select a donor. Or we can mail you a few profiles to choose from.
  •  You can live anywhere in the United States, Canada, or other countries. We pick up sperm, embryos, and eggs worldwide to carry to the overseas surrogacy site.
  •  All you need to do is to leave your home only once to fly to your overseas surrogacy clinic in about 12-15 months and pick up your baby. Plan on spending about two to four weeks there for paperwork, and obtain an American passport for your baby.