Surrogacy in Ukraine

Who should use Surrogacy in Ukraine?

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, we have suspended surrogacy in this country.

  • Surrogacy in Ukraine is the most affordable and legally secure choice for couples looking to start a family
  • Supportive legislation (e.g., the fact of surrogacy stays confidential, and the names of intended parents are specified on the original birth certificate; it also regulates the process and protects the surrogates` and donors` rights)
  • Ukraine follows a modern legal tradition. Federal regulations explicitly support surrogacy contracts for straight married couples. The law in Ukraine specifically says that the baby «belongs» to the intended parents and the surrogate mother has no prenatal rights. Embryo donation is legal and egg donation is regulated by law
  • Proximity to Europe. Moreover, Europeans, Americans and UK citizens do not need a special visa to enter Ukraine
  • Ukraine enjoys relatively high living standards and surrogate mothers are accustomed to safe living conditions and availability of healthy organic food

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Assisted reproductive programs and surrogacy programs are regulated by the Family Code of Ukraine.

When a baby is born to a surrogate mother, the genetic parents are considered the legal parents of a child. A child is registered as the legal child of genetic parents and in no way as a «test-tube baby.»

At the legislative level, there was not a solitary case of a disrespectful attitude of genetic parents towards a surrogate mother, forceful carrying by a surrogate mother of somebody else’s child and vice versa, no surrogate mother harmed or caused any inconvenience to genetic parents.

Couples whose marriage is officially registered can use the surrogacy service in Ukraine. Under the law, same-sex couples and singles can’t take part in a surrogacy program.

Surrogacy Options for USA Citizens: The process

The process is as follows:

  1. Contact our office in New York City and we will send you the paperwork to complete. The contracts specify in detail the services and payment options in installments.
  2. We offer surrogacy options in Kiev, Ukraine through our affiliated center there.
  3. You will then have to make two trips to Ukraine.
    1. The initial trip is to give a sperm specimen by the Intended Father. This sample is frozen at the IVF Center. In many cases we may be able to freeze and ship the sperm to Ukraine, saving you trip.
    2. IVF is then done to harvest eggs from the intended mother, unless you use an egg donor. Beautiful and brilliant premium egg donors are readily available in Ukraine, many with blonde hair and blue eyes.
    3. Discuss with the center in Ukraine any specific needs you have for the surrogate including carrying twins.
  4. We then work with the IVF Center, help select the surrogate based on your specifications, provide you with an egg donor as needed, and manage the entire process for you from start through finish.
  5. You then go to Ukraine about 12 months later to witness the birth of your baby and bring the baby back home with you.
  6. Our attorneys in Ukraine, will help coordinate getting the birth certificates, getting an American passport for your baby, and arranging an appointment at the US Consulate to get a visa to bring your baby back to your home.

The option of shipping frozen eggs to Ukraine, shipping sperm or shipping frozen embryos to Ukraine is legal.

Please call us at 1-212-661-7673 for more information and forms to do surrogacy in Ukraine

More details

A surrogate also known as a gestational carrier is an incredibly special woman who chooses to carry a child for those wanting to start or build a family but are unable to do so themselves. These women are courageous, investing emotionally, mentally and physically in making parenthood a reality for deserving intended parents. Our surrogates are our most valued resource.

Becoming a surrogate mother entails extensive medical screening for a clean bill of health as well as certain requirements listed below

  • Have at least one successful, uncomplicated pregnancy and at least one healthy biological child of their own
  • Rh-positive blood type to avoid Rhesus incompatibility
  • Be between 18-36 years old
  • Be a non-smoker/non-drinker/non-drug user
  • No criminal history
  • Be emotionally ready for a pregnancy and acknowledge responsibility

See sample profiles below of some of our surrogates:

Donor 25575
Age 34year
Height & Weight 5’1”, 163 lbs.
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown
Education Secondary Education
Occupation Teacher Assistant
Donor 25576
Age 30year
Height & Weight 5’2”, 183 lbs.
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Education Secondary Technical Education
Donor 25578
Age 29year
Height & Weight 5’7”, 121 lbs.
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Education Secondary Special Education
Occupation Confectioner
Donor 25579
Age 32year
Height & Weight 5’2”, 176 lbs.
Hair color Black
Brown Brown
Education Pastry Chef
Occupation Bartender

The cost

The cost for carrying your embryo through delivery of the baby is only $59,000 versus $120,000 in the USA.

We handle all services nationwide in the USA/Canada from our offices in Manhattan including hand courier pickup of frozen embryos in the USA, surrogate monitoring through baby delivery and all paperwork to bringing the baby back to the USA as an American citizen.

To make an appointment to meet us, for more information or to reserve one of these surrogates, please contact Henna at 1-212-661-7177.

We look forward to hearing from you.

We are here to help you on your journey to being a parent

Please call us at 1-212-661-7673 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have, as well as send you the necessary paperwork to help you have your baby!