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What is surrogacy?

If you are looking to have a baby and the female cannot carry the baby herself, then the terms Surrogacy, surrogate mother, Gestational surrogate and Traditional surrogacy will become important to you.

Surrogacy for Intended Parents is all about having the baby your heart aches for. It is about having a child to add to your own family with the help of a kind understanding the healthy female who will get pregnant and carry your baby on your behalf for you. Once the baby is born the surrogate mother gives you this bundle of joy as a gift to be your newborn child.

What is a Surrogate and Surrogate Mother?

Surrogacy is when another woman agrees to carry your baby for you. This can be either a single baby or twins at no extra cost. Embryos from the Intended Parents are implanted at an IVF Clinic in the surrogate mother. She then hopefully will get pregnant from the embryos and deliver a beautiful baby in nine months. Typically, surrogate mothers don’t carry more then two babies or twins. Intended Parents usually only opt for surrogacy and using a surrogate mother when they cannot have a baby on their own. The causes can be many including infertility, age of the Intended Mother, cancer and fibroids among others.

Surrogate Mothers are also used frequently by single men, single women and LGBT couples, wishing to have a child.

Surrogates are anonymous and are usually selected for you by the IVF Center. A typical surrogate is in great health, has had at least one baby of her own, and is screen psychologically to qualify as a donor.

How Does Surrogacy Work?

These are basically two types of Surrogacy:

Traditional surrogacy:

Under this option, the Intended Father either through artificial insemination or other means gets the female pregnant. The surrogate uses her own eggs. This way the newborn child is genetically related to both the Intended Father and the Surrogate Mother.

Gestational Surrogacy:

This can take four basic options: The embryo is created in an IVF Clinic using a combination of:

1. The Intended Fathers Sperm and the Intended Mothers egg. This typically happens when the mother’s eggs are good, but she cannot carry the baby for health or personal reasons.

2. We use the Intended Fathers Sperm and an egg donor. This is the most common form of surrogacy today and is used by virtually all LGBT, Single men and couples where the female has health or personal issues limiting her egg fertility and/or ability to carry the pregnancy.

3. The Intended Mother’s eggs are good, but she cannot carry the pregnancy due to health or personal reasons. Donor sperm is used to create the embryos. This is usually used for single women and lesbian couples seeking a baby to love and cherish.

4. Using donor embryos. This happens typically when both the male and female Intended Parents have issues limiting their ability to use their own sperm and eggs. We frequently have donor embryos available, left over from other couples that have had an IVF. Please contact us for details about availability and cost.

How to Be a Surrogate:

Two other terms you will come across as you do your research are

Altruistic Surrogacy, where the surrogate is not paid for carrying the baby beyond being reimbursed for her expenses. This is the law in many countries including Canada, the European Union Countries, and India among others.

Commercial Surrogacy, where the surrogate does get paid for carrying the baby in addition to being reimbursed for her expenses. This is the law in the USA and several Overseas countries. Our Agency specializes in aiding with Commercial Surrogacy. Get Surrogacy Costs in USA and Overseas.

USA Citizenship for babies born using a surrogate mother:

For a baby born under surrogacy overseas, one of the parents must be an American Citizen for it to acquire American Citizenship automatically at Birth. The USA Consulates verify this including a DNA Test of the Intended Parent as well as the Baby to ensure the paternity, before issuing a passport.

Before doing surrogacy overseas, we encourage you to contact our office to get a complete copy of the paperwork needed to file with the USA Consulate overseas.

For a baby born in the USA using an American surrogate, citizenship is usually not an issue. Generally, all babies born in the USA automatically are American citizens by birth subject to a few exceptions.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact the US INS or look on their website for details at:

You can also download the latest copies of forms required from the site.

Surrogacy Pros and Cons

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