Surrogate Mother Cost

Surrogate Mother Cost

How much is the surrogate mother cost/compensation?

In the USA, you will be compensated $35,000 to $60,000 dollars i total tied to various criteria. Compensation outside the USA is lowevr and varies by the country you live in and the laws governing surrogacy.

 Surrogate Mother cost in usa First Time Surrogate
Surrogate Compensation $30,000.00
Surrogate Monthly Allowance ($250.00 per month) $3,500.00
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Surrogate Mother Cost in Overseas

Singleton pregnancy $49,000 in both India and Ghana.

Twin pregnancy additional cost $5,000

Please note: Costs assume that you have embryos available to transfer for the surrogate to carry. Costs are all inclusive and cover all medical and delivery procedures, as well as the surrogate’s and the baby’s hospitalization, but exclude some medical complications. No additional expenses are expected, except parent’s travel expenses and local legal procedures at the parents’ country of origin.