How Does Surrogacy Work?

The way the process typically works is that as the first step you will contact a third party surrogacy agency like, that already has several surrogates in their database for you to choose from.

Some Intended Parents will use a friend or a known relative to carry the baby for them. Frequently in this casual approach, the financial arrangements and legal obligations are not clearly documented, and has the risk of leaving open long-term problems and baby ownership issues

The choices you will have will be:

What is Traditional surrogacy?

In this option, the surrogate mother will use her own eggs, the other Intended Parents will provide th3e sperm, and a legal agreement is created under which the baby will belong to the Intended Parents. Generally, traditional surrogacy Is not commonly used since some courts have ruled that the surrogate mother will continue to have a claim on the h baby being born.

What is Gestational Surrogacy?

Under this option, the Intended Parents provide their own embryos, using either the sperm from the Intended Father, and the eggs from either the Intended Mother or from an Egg Donor. The sperm and the eggs are collected at an IVF Center, embryos are created and then implanted in the Gestational Surrogate Mother. The eggs of the Surrogate Mother re not used so it solves the problem of the baby being partially owned by the surrogate mother.

Surrogacy Legal Arrangements:

In the USA, we prefer doing surrogacy in California due to the well-established case law in favor of the Intended Parents. Keep in mind that California law works best when the embryos are implanted in the surrogate mother in an IVF Center in California, and secondly, the baby is delivered qt a Hospital in California. We maintain a database of legal firms in California we can refer you to.

What type of Surrogacy Medical screening is done?

Medical Screening for the Intended Male Parent?:

It is important that the sperm be health and disease free to ensure that no infections are spread to the Surrogate Mother. Most IVF Clinics have a standard protocol of blood testing and sperm analysis that is performed to verify this information. Corrective medical steps can usually be taken by medication or surgery as needed.

For the Intended Female Parent or Egg Donor?

Similar female screening is done on the female to ensure she has no infections that can be spread to the surrogate mother. Most IVF Clinics have a standard FDA approved protocol that is followed.

What type of Medical screening is done For the Surrogate Mother?

The surrogate mother typically goes through a thorough exam by a Gynecologist and is checked to ensure she does not have any medical issues like fibroids that could cause a miscarriage. She will also go through an FDA approved panel of blood tests for infectious diseases and other issues. Once these are completed the last step is Psychological testing and screening.

The final step is for the embryos to be implanted in the surrogate and with God’ grace, a beautiful baby is born!

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