Find Surrogate Mother & Egg Donor

Following are the easy steps to find a surrogate mother and Egg Donor.

  •  Log on to our online egg donor database (  to select a donor. We have a very wide range of donors with all details about each one. Your selected donor can be used to create embryos in the USA and in India.
  • We work with many IVF Centers in the USA, India, and Ghana. We will arrange to refer you to an excellent pre-screened center as needed.
  •  The easiest way to approach is for you to send us the photo of the female Intended Parent and we ill send you back five profiles of donors that match, for you to choose from.
  • Once the donor is selected by you, she goes to the selected IVF Center and the embryo creation process starts.
  •  Surrogates are anonymous and are usually selected for you by the IVF Center. A typical surrogate is in great health, has had at least one baby of her own, and is screen psychologically to qualify as a donor.