EGG Donation

What is Egg Donation?

For many Intended Parents, the term “Egg Donation” is part of the IVF process. For Single and Gay men, it is almost a necessity. For couples it becomes a part of the process of having a baby depending upon the egg quality of the Intended Mother.

Egg Donation Process

The Egg Donation process basically allows one woman to donate her eggs to another female to allow her to carry the eggs and have a baby. Usually the eggs are collected at an IVF Clinic, they are then fertilized in the Center’s laboratory, and implanted in the intended mother.

Frozen egg technology is excellent now and the eggs after harvesting, can be frozen and stored for later use. We offer both fresh eggs through our donor database as well as frozen eggs through affiliated agencies in Europe and Ghana. Get Egg Donor Cost

For more information on Egg Donors and how we can help, please go to our affiliated website:We have a database of over 1,000 donors there. Searching it is free of charge.

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