Our History

Know ourHistory

Our affiliated medical practice, www.patientsmedical.com was established in 1974.

The practice was started by Dr. Atkins of Weight Loss fame, and Dr. Levin, who did the first Chelation and Vitamin IV's in New York in 1975.

Since then over 50,000 patients have been treated by us with compassion and understanding.

Dr. Rashmi Gulati, who has two MD's - one each in Internal Medicine and Pathology, took over the practice in 2004 and has continued to build up it's reputation as one of the best known Holistic and Integrative medical practices in Manhattan. She has medical privileges in Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, and been featured on ABC, CNN, NBC and a number of other TV and Radio Shows.

Every year, thousands of existing and new patients continue to visit us, seeking an alternative medical approach to a variety of health issues.

Infertility, both male and female, is one of our major areas of focus. Feel free to click on the link below to see how we handle complex infertility issues and helped a 56 year old female get pregnant using one of our egg donors: www.patientsmedical.com/conditions/infertility-female.aspx

Founded in 2006

Licensed in the State of New York

Worked with 100’s of Intended Parents

Over 1000 egg donors and Surrogates in our database

The Egg Donation and Surrogacy Practice was set up as a separate entity in 2006.

when a couple of East Indian origin, living in Manhattan shared their sad story with the IVF Specialist in our affiliated medical practice. After several unsuccessful IVF attempts, they had decided to look for an egg donor, but were having a very difficult time finding a donor that was within their budget and with whom they felt comfortable. The couple felt confused, frustrated and financially drained.

When our Practice Director heard about their struggle, he began Indian Egg Donors and Surrogacy to make the process easier for this couple and many others in similar situations.

Since then, the egg donors database has grown to over 1,000 donors and is one of the largest egg donor databases in the USA. Donors in our database include a combination of Caucasian, Ghana-American, Indian, and Chinese egg donors from different backgrounds. Most of these donors are in the age range between 21-29, have college degrees, and are smart and beautiful. As the intended parent, we leave the choice of which egg donor is the perfect match for you and who meets your needs.

Our surrogacy practice has grown in parallel and our database of available surrogates includes surrogates in the USA, Ghana and India.