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Surrogate Qualification Criteria in Ghana

The realization of a dream requires a collaborative effort, and we prioritize the safety, health, and happiness of everyone involved in this journey. To ensure that all goals are met, our surrogate candidates must meet the following qualifications:

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    Individual Surrogate Mother Qualification

    We seek women prepared to embrace the fulfilling path of surrogacy. To qualify as a surrogate, you must:

    Medical Surrogate Qualifications

    To qualify as a gestational surrogate, you must meet these medical requirements as well. Every surrogate must:

    How Does the Surrogacy Process Work?

    Here is an overview of the basic steps involved in the USA surrogacy process:

    The first step in the surrogacy process is to research and learn about surrogacy. This includes understanding the types of surrogacy, the legal and financial aspects of surrogacy, and the potential emotional challenges involved.

    Once you have decided to pursue surrogacy, the next step is to plan your journey. This includes deciding on which surrogacy program is right for you, finding a surrogate, and completing the legal and medical processes. This includes identifying your surrogacy goals, creating a budget, and working with our surrogacy agency to select a qualified surrogate.

    Together, we will strategize and pre-plan your surrogacy journey. We will help you to understand your financial and legal requirements, including all the details of the Program. We value transparency and make sure that any fine print is in plain English.
    Healthy and qualified matching with a surrogate is a critical step in the surrogacy process. Our surrogacy agency will help you select a healthy and qualified surrogate who meets your specific needs and preferences. This involves reviewing surrogate profiles and conducting medical and psychological evaluations.

    We have several surrogates available right away. This is different from many agencies that require you to wait up to one year to find a surrogate.
    Once the surrogate is selected and the compensation and other issues are agreed to, then the legal contract is finalized. Typically, the Intended Parents use one law firm, and the surrogate is represented by a separate law firm. In many cases, the law firms have worked together before, and the process goes very smoothly.
    Your payments are held in an online escrow account. You can view this account from home on your computer. This allows you to ensure that your funds are used in accordance with the contracts.
    We assign one of our physician coordinators to work with you through the process. She will be your friend, supporter, and guide. This will ensure that you have all the help you need during your surrogate journey.
    The surrogate mother will be medically examined and evaluated before the embryo transfer. This will take place at the IVF Center chosen to perform the procedure.
    If needed, the surrogate mother may again be medically examined and evaluated before the embryo transfer. This will take place at the IVF Center chosen to perform the procedure.
    Once you are matched with a surrogate, the next step is to begin the pregnancy. This involves working with a fertility clinic to create embryos and transfer them to the surrogate’s uterus. Our surrogacy agency will help you navigate this process and provide guidance and support throughout the nine-month pregnancy journey.
    You can choose the IVF center, or we can provide you with referrals to several good ones. The center will then prepare the surrogate for the embryo transfer. Once your embryo is transferred, your medical team will confirm a fetal heartbeat. This is done a second time. After this, we consider the pregnancy “established”.
    As your pregnancy continues, your fertility center will determine when the time is right for your surrogate’s Ob/Gyn to take responsibility for your surrogate’s and baby’s medical care.
    We will provide support for nine months. Your coordinator will stay in contact with your surrogate throughout the pregnancy.

    This is to make sure everything is running smoothly. She will contact you with updates on an ongoing basis. We check-in regularly with your surrogate and continue to provide support all through her pregnancy.
    We will work with you and your surrogate to create a Birth Plan during the middle of your pregnancy. This is an exciting milestone to ensure everyone is ready for the delivery of your baby.

    We will coordinate with lawyers to review the legal parentage process. This will help ensure your parentage is properly established.
    As the due date approaches, it is important to prepare for your baby’s arrival. This includes creating a birth plan and planning for the baby’s care after birth. Our surrogacy agency can help you with these preparations and provide guidance and support as needed.
    It is a time of joy and happiness!

    Consider being at the hospital for the arrival of your newborn. Witness the first moments as your baby enters the world. It will be a joyous experience!

    After your baby’s birth, they usually go to the NICU. There, they are examined to ensure they are in good health.
    The baby typically gets a birth certificate, social security card number, and passport, as necessary. These documents are in addition to other birth documents. You will go home with a complete file of paperwork.
    Once your baby is born, your surrogacy journey is complete. However, it is important to remember that surrogacy involves ongoing emotional and logistical support. Our surrogacy agency can assist you with the post-birth process. We offer support and resources to aid your transition to life with your baby.
    Once your baby is home, we will pay all open bills. We will also ensure that your escrow account is closed. Any remaining funds will be returned to you.

    Why Choose Surrogacy4All?

    There are many reasons to choose Surrogacy4All as your surrogacy agency. Here are just a few:

    If you are considering becoming a surrogate mother, we encourage you to contact Surrogacy4All today. We would be honored to discuss your options with you and help you make the best decision for your future.

    How Much Does a Surrogate Mother Cost in Ghana?

    Some people think Ghana is just about huts and elephants, but it's much more than that. Ghana is growing, with fancy airports, nice hotels, and good hospitals - just like any other well-developed country.


    Ghana is known for its affordable surrogate mother cost, making surrogacy easy and accessible. Hiring a surrogate in Ghana is simpler compared to many other countries that offer surrogacy. The cost of a surrogate mother in Ghana is much cheaper than in other places.

    Costs is among the lowest worldwide:

    $49,000 for a surrogate to carry an embryo through baby delivery.

    What's in the agreement between the Surrogate Mother and the parents in Ghana?

    To make everything legal and smooth, the intended parents and the surrogate in Ghana sign an agreement before starting the surrogacy process. This agreement has things that matter to both of them. Usually, the intended parents get a lawyer's help to agree on things. Then, they send it to the surrogate to check. She looks at it to make sure it's fair for her. If not, she talks to her lawyer and they make changes. They send it back to the parents.


    Then, the lawyers from both sides talk and agree. After that, the surrogate and the parents sign the agreement, and the process starts. The costs for this include the surrogate mother's fees in Ghana.

    Legal Aspects

    Surrogacy in Ghana is guided by clear and favorable laws to protect the rights of intended parents and surrogate mothers. The surrogacy contracts are legally binding, making it easy for intended parents to obtain birth certificates for their children without legal complications. Ghana recognizes the intended parents as the legal parents of the child born through surrogacy.

    Who are your Surrogates in Ghana?

    In Ghana, surrogates are local women, mostly in their 20s, who have already had a child. We make sure all surrogates go through careful screening, blood tests, and medical checks before starting the process.

    When the surrogate is pregnant, she stays in a very comfortable ranch house, a former family home, about a 10-minute walk from the hospital. She shares a room with another surrogate. The house has a kitchen with a cook for meals, a TV, a cozy living room, and a Resident Nurse to watch over the surrogates and help with any pregnancy-related issues.


    There are many different motivations that may lead a woman to consider becoming a surrogate mother. Surrogates may have an ardent desire to help others build their families.

    They may find a deep sense of compassion and altruism for those who are unable to have children. Some people are motivated to help create a family for someone else by contributing to the well-being of a child. They can feel a sense of fulfillment from this act.

    For some women, becoming a surrogate is an opportunity to have a meaningful and rewarding experience. They can use their fertility to make a difference in the world.

    Surrogacy can be a unique and fulfilling journey. It allows women to form strong connections with the intended parent(s) and the child they are carrying. It is an incredibly special process.

    Being a surrogate is a big commitment of both time and emotion. Consider carefully whether this is the right decision for you before taking the next step.

    Becoming a surrogate mother involves several steps. First, you will submit an application and undergo an initial screening process. If accepted, you will have a medical examination and psychological evaluation. Once cleared, you will be matched with intended parents and the legal process begins. After successful embryo transfer, you will carry the pregnancy to term and deliver the baby.

    If you are interested in becoming a surrogate mother, or gestational carrier, there are several steps you can take to begin the process:
    1. Consider your motivations for becoming a surrogate and whether you are prepared for the physical, emotional, and time commitments involved.
    2. Research surrogacy laws and regulations in your state or country. Surrogacy laws vary widely. It is essential to understand the legal protections and requirements for the place of the surrogacy agreement. Knowing these details is important for a successful arrangement.
    3. Find a surrogacy agency or attorney to work with. Surrogacy agencies and attorneys can provide support and guidance throughout the journey. They can help you connect with intended parent(s). They can also help you navigate the surrogacy process.
    4. Meet with a medical professional to discuss your health and fertility. A medical professional can evaluate your overall health and fertility. They will decide if you are suitable for surrogacy.
    5. Undergo medical and psychological screening. Surrogacy agencies and intended parent(s) may require surrogates to undergo medical and psychological screening to ensure they are physically and emotionally prepared for the surrogacy process.
    6. Negotiate and sign a surrogacy agreement. It is important to carefully negotiate and agree upon the terms of the surrogacy arrangement, including compensation and other responsibilities, with the intended parent(s) before entering the arrangement.
    7. Begin the medical process of surrogacy, which may include hormone treatments and in vitro fertilization (IVF) to become pregnant.
    It is important to keep in mind that becoming a surrogate is a significant commitment, and it is important to be fully prepared and informed about the process before moving forward.

    The qualifications to be a surrogate mother can vary depending on the surrogacy agency or intended parent(s) with whom you are working. In general, most surrogacy agencies and intended parent(s) will look for surrogates who meet the following criteria:

    1. Age: Most surrogacy agencies and intended parent(s) prefer surrogates who are at least 21 years old, with some setting the minimum age at 25 or higher.
    2. Health: Surrogates should be in good physical and mental health, with no medical conditions that could affect the pregnancy or the health of the child.
    3. Fertility: Surrogates should have had at least one successful pregnancy and delivery in the past.
    4. Support system: Surrogates should have a supportive network of friends and family who are willing to help them during the surrogacy process.
    5. Flexibility: Surrogates should be able to be available for regular medical appointments and follow any special instructions or guidelines during the pregnancy.
    6.  Responsibility: Surrogates should be responsible and reliable, with a stable home and financial situation.

    It is important to keep in mind that these are general qualifications and that specific requirements may vary depending on the surrogacy agency or intended parent(s) with whom you are working.

    Surrogacy Agency

    Surrogacy4All is a physician-managed agency, offering unparalleled medical support throughout the surrogacy journey. We provide a generous compensation package, emotional support, and a nurturing community of surrogates. We also offer complete transparency, respect, and care, making us the agency of choice for many surrogates.

    Gestational Carrier

    No, as a gestational surrogate, you will not use your own eggs. The intended parents will provide the egg and sperm for fertilization, and the resulting embryo will be transferred to your uterus.

    Gestational Surrogates Working with an agency like Surrogacy4All that is certified and registered with the FDA and various state agencies ensures that your rights and interests are protected. We handle all the legal, medical, and logistical aspects of the surrogacy process, and provide continuous emotional support. Going independent can be complex and overwhelming, especially without a professional support system.
    Yes, you can. In gestational surrogacy, the embryo is transferred directly into your uterus, so fallopian tubes are not involved in the process.

    Typically, surrogate mothers are of childbearing age as it requires the ability to carry a pregnancy to term. Menopausal women are not eligible due to health risks associated with older age pregnancies.

    Having a child previously demonstrates that your body can carry a pregnancy to term. It also indicates that you understand the physical and emotional processes involved in pregnancy and childbirth.

    Our agency will manage all medical expenses related to the surrogacy, including prenatal care and delivery. In some cases, your insurance may be used, but we will ensure that all costs are fully covered.

    Surrogacy4All proudly supports the military community. We welcome military wives as surrogates and offer additional support to accommodate the unique circumstances military families may face.

    Screening Process:

    The surrogacy journey begins with your application and initial screening. Once you are approved, you will undergo medical and psychological evaluations. When these are passed, we will match you with intended parents who fit your preferences. Legal contracts are then drafted to protect everyone’s rights and define responsibilities.

    Once the contracts are signed, the medical process begins. This involves fertility treatments to prepare your body for pregnancy, followed by the embryo transfer. If the transfer is successful and a pregnancy is confirmed, regular check-ups and monitoring will follow to ensure the health and safety of both you and the baby.

    Surrogacy Journey:

    Payment for surrogacy is typically structured in installments throughout the pregnancy rather than a lump sum at the end. Your first payment usually comes after the embryo transfer and confirmation of pregnancy. The rest of the compensation is paid in regular installments throughout the pregnancy, with the final payment typically made after the birth. Specifics about the payment schedule will be outlined in your surrogacy contract.

    Carry a pregnancy:

    Remember, our team at Surrogacy4All is here to guide and support you at every step of your surrogacy journey. We are committed to making this experience as smooth and rewarding as possible for you.

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