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    Steps to Become a Surrogate in Texas

    To begin, complete a quick survey to see if you qualify. Once you qualify you can complete our full application.
    Once you submit your application it will be reviewed by our team, and if approved, you are invited to schedule a consultation.
    During the consultation your admissions specialist will guide you through our admissions process, which includes a review of your pregnancy-related medical records, income documentation, surrogacy preferences, and general paperwork. You will also complete psychological screening with the psych team.
    During this time our matching team works hard to identify the right intended parent match for you. We have a unique, customized matching process, and hand pick an intended parent profile for you.
    Once you approve a parent profile, your profile will be sent to the intended parents for review. If everyone accepts the match, you will have a video match meeting, which is facilitated by our case management team.
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    Qualifications of A Surrogate

    Requirements For Surrogates In Texas

    Health Requirements

    Lifestyle Requirements

    Financial Requirements

    Creating the Magic of Family

    When you choose to become a surrogate and carry someone else’s baby, you’re making dreams come true.

    Surrogate Compensation & Pay

    Help a childless couple and get paid $45,000 to $85,000 per surrogacy journey for your good deed!

    Why Choose Surrogacy4All?

    There are many reasons to choose Surrogacy4All as your surrogacy agency. Here are just a few:

    Over 20 years of experience.

    We are a leading surrogacy agency with over 20 years of experience.

    Offer a range
    of services

    We offer a range of services. These include financial compensation, medical and legal support. Plus, you have 24/7 access to our team of experts.

    Accomplishment of success.

    We have a proven record of accomplishment of success.

    Best possible

    We are committed to providing our surrogates with the best possible experience.

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