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    Why become a surrogate?

    Surrogacy should be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling journeys you can take-and our team strives to ensure that it is.

    A “surrogate mother” is a woman who agrees to carry a baby for a couple or individual who is unable to conceive. As a gestational surrogate, you are not biologically related to the baby or babies and you will be protected by a legal contract signed by both you and the intended parents or intended parent. It takes an extraordinary woman to become a surrogate. You’re helping someone achieve their dreams of parenthood!

    Giving the gift of a lifetime to hopeful parents is an unforgettable experience The different types of intended parents who want to build their family through surrogacy could include:

    Find Out If You Qualify To Be a Surrogate in Canada

    Are a Canadian citizen (residing in Canada)

    Are between the ages of 21-45

    Have given birth at least once

    No criminal convictions

    A strong desire to help others is part of you

    Have a stable home environment

    Are willing to undergo bloodwork, ultrasounds, medical tests as per doctor’s orders

    No history of serious depression or psychological conditions

    Are willing to take IVF medications (possible injections)

    Able to travel to clinics out of province and attend local appointments

    You do NOT abuse drugs or alcohol or smoke cigarettes

    You have a good support system at home

    Have no history of serious pregnancy/delivery/postpartum complications

    Surrogacy Process: Becoming a Surrogate in Canada

    Once you’ve completed the surrogacy application, you’ve taken the all-important first step. This surrogacy timeline helps you gauge how long it takes to help intended parents achieve their dreams:

    Become A Surrogate Mother

    Surrogates may be paid between CAD $45,000 to $60,000

    Compensation is between CAD $45,000 to $60,000 and is paid according to what is legally allowed for expenses reimbursement as per Canada Laws.

    Become A Surrogate Canada

    Additional compensation and benefits received throughout the journey may include:

    We can explain this in detail on our introductory call!

    Here's how it works

    Fill out the brief questionnaire and we'll reach out to you to discuss whether you qualify

    If you do, you will get to have a call with an experienced gestational carrier to discuss the potential journey ahead as well as about matching with a surrogacy

    We will match you with a vetted and reputable surrogacy agency that has intended parents ready to start their journey

    Frequent Questions for Surrogacy in Canada

    This is a very personal answer that is different to every woman who becomes a surrogate. A very common reason I hear: “It’s incredibly rewarding to give intended parents the gift of a family they cannot create on their own.”

    Speaking to my own experience, I feel that life is about helping others. If you can, you simply should. It was important for me to teach a valuable lesson to my children about giving back to others. I wanted to make an impact in someone else’s lives in the best way I knew how. Having babies was my gift. Why not use that gift to help others. Through the process I also saw the ripple effect of surrogacy. It never is just the parents of the baby that are changed – everyone around you and them see and begin to process your choice differently. It’s incredible to experience such beauty unfold
    Not at all! We have staff who work remotely and we provide support through online groups, personal support texts and calls, and even Facebook Messenger. In the age of technology, Zoom allows us to always stay in touch with surrogates across Canada and Intended Parents all over the world. Our CEO also travels to local clinics and attends births when she’s requested.
    It’s important to know the difference between Gestational Surrogacy and Traditional Surrogacy. With gestational surrogacy, you have no biological relation to the baby. The Intended Parents are the biological relation or they have a third party donor and they create embryos that are transferred into their surrogate’s womb.

    Traditional surrogacy is when the surrogate uses their own eggs and they are biologically related to the child. For many reasons, we do not participate in traditional surrogacy through our programs.
    Surrogacy comes with the same risks of normal pregnancy. With a previous pregnancy history of no complications, it is unlikely that anything would change during a surrogacy pregnancy. But there are always risks no matter what. We try and make all women well aware of the implications of the choice they make. There is always a bedrest clause in your contract to ensure all lost wages, daycare for your kids, and any help to support your lifestyle would be taken care of financially by your Intended Parents. Bedrest is very rare. Most of our surrogates have carried full-term without any complications.
    No. Any pregnancy or surrogacy-related costs are reimbursed or paid directly by the intended parent(s).
    Of course! We believe that trust and respect is built through finding the right match for you. It is always your choice who you want to help. The intended parents we work with represent a wide range of races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions, economic backgrounds, and ages. We are sure you’ll find a profile that speaks to you! You can preview Intended Parent profiles here.

    Once you have completed medical screening, you will get to review the full profiles for all couples and choose 3-5 couples that you want to get to know better. You get to meet them and truly figure out which couple is best for you.
    Great question! We deep dive into the process here.
    Toronto is the home of our main fertility clinic, Tripod Fertility. We also use clinics in British Columbia. A surrogate’s location does not matter because they will only need to make a couple day trips to the clinic. These visits are paid for by the Intended Parents including travel expenses, time off work, and anything else that is out of pocket to travel.

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